Online Advertising

Online advertising makes use of video, social networking promoting, online mass media, mobile phone ads, and many others to promote a product or a company. Additionally, it combines email marketing, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing. Be it focused on engagement, brand recognition, or lead acquisition, our services can help you develop a productive online advertising strategy aligned to your KPIs.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) and Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization are processes that increase the organic website traffic and help transform passive visitors into active end users who engage with or purchase from your company. These operations consequently give your brand name more presence, help target the correct audience, and turn visitors into customers. At Azimuth we analyze buyer behavior on the site via data metrics to check your internet site functionality, so we enable you to include suitable key phrases to position your internet site at the top of all search engines.

Search engine optimization on the Google Display Network

At Azimuth we recognize the necessity of promoting your business on the Google Display Network since it reaches 90% of Internet users worldwide and it has over 2 million websites within its reach. With this particular instrument, your organization can reach and clearly comprehend consumer habits by aiming at end-users, noticing their actions on the web, and forwarding them to your web page.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is a data-based automation that utilizes software to purchase digital advertising. This automation will allow you to concentrate on campaign optimization and strategy. You may reach the proper target market by filtering the audience based on demographics and geographical information. You can even adjust the time and frequency of your ads to reach more customers.

Online marketing consulting

With our broad experience in website marketing and online advertising, we are familiar with all the most recent techniques. Online advertising has a wide spectrum of professional services and using expert guidance is vital to understand how to maximize your budget. Azimuth will provide the support you need and our team will assist you with growing your profits by creating an actionable strategy, providing live support, and setting appropriate KPIs.

Re-Marketing and Re-Focusing

Re-focusing is a central part of any digital advertising and marketing strategy. Its aim is to reconnect with inactive website viewers which will be reminded of your website and of those products or services they showed interest in. This is achieved with the use of cookies that gather information about the actions users perform on your own website. By re-focusing marketing campaigns, you are able to focus on customers that looked at or interacted with a specific webpage and target them again with tailored content.

Email Marketing

Email marketing solutions are aimed at multiplying your sales. Using newsletters and expertly written emails, skilled digital advertising and marketing professionals are able to encourage potential customers to buy services or products. At Azimuth, we create the best email campaigns to maximize the opening and reading rates and we implement the best strategies to keep your emails out of the spam folder.

Measure, attribution tagging setup

In digital marketing, it is essential to ensure that the obtained data is useful. At Azimuth digital, we fully grasp the importance of in-depth analytics. By examining the outcome of all your marketing efforts, we will allow you to formulate the best plan of action to get end-user engagement and improve lead generation and therefore expand your return on your investment.

Content marketing

Content marketing consists in putting together an efficient strategy to help you enter your target market. Our role is that of assisting you by producing and sharing relevant articles consistently, using the right channel for the right audience to guarantee that our advertising and marketing are cost-effective.